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Welcome to Queen® Sanitär-Produkte GmbH

We, the Queen® Company, have specialized since 1966 in the product sectors showers, shower partitions and full glass designs made out of and for ESG safety glass. With our many years of experience - both in frameless as well as specially framed solutions - we are always at your side with our expertise.

From consultation to planning and sketches, right through to design, production, assembly and service, we offer you as a manufacturer and a factory - within the Federal Republic of Germany and widespread parts of the EU - everything from one source; in Continental Europe and overseas through specially qualified partners.


Each of our designs is planned and produced according to your requirements: from the standardised GGK product assortment with a wide range of standard types, to the WINDSOR production series, right through to the individual custom-built models of the MANUFAKTUR series. The result is always a DUSCHQUEEN

Our system of fittings, specially developed and patented for these demands, are made exclusively from stainless steel and also allow us designs beyond your ideas. Our developed and patented systems of fittings as well as stainless steel are made exclusively from and allow us designs beyond your dreams. For example, the specialty of our house is also complicated solutions for private, industrial and public areas such as hotels, sports, handicaps, hospital etc.

Take a look in our references and offers: you'll be enthralled.
Queen® system of fittings made exclusively from stainless steel
Duschqueen® shower partitions of the finest art - our job since 1966